Palletizer Machine VPM 10

Palletizer Machine VPM 10

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Completely-automatic at elevated speed / Bags

The VPM-10 palletizes completely and mechanically at rapid pace. This machine is appropriate for the expansive packer who requires extended limit and consistency. Our machine is furnished like normal with a bed container for the import of discharge beds, a bed roller transport for inspection platform and full pallets' export.


Max. 15 sacks every minute

Pallet Sizes

All conventional pallet sizes up to 1250 x 1250 mm

Bag Sizes

2.5 - 25 kg (approx. 270 x 350 mm - approx. 460 x 770 mm)

Pallet In Feed / Out Feed

Automatic with pallet dispenser

Stacking Height

Max. 2500 mm, including pallet

Formation Doors


Stacking Chamber

Four-sided closed


Touch screen

Stacking Patterns

Freely programmable patterns, including final layers

Air Consumption

Minimum operating pressure 8 bar


Equipped with emergency stop circuit and full safety fencing Walk-in protection and screening at the outfeed side


Automatically adjustable stacking chamber and collar for multiple pallet sizes
Soft landing on formation doors
Compressing collar (pneumatic or electric)
Integrated sheet dispenser
Manipulator for both bags and crates or cartons (combination option)
(Automatic) wrapping machine
Larger pallet sizes upon request
Composite manipulator
Manipulator for 50kg bags