Palletizer Machine VPM 14

Palletizer Machine VPM 14

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Extended level Bags/ palletizing

The VMP - 14 is the top notch version intended for the completely computerized palletizing of packs with most extreme limit. This version is the ideal arrangement for vast scale pressing plants that require extended stacking limit and exactness. By using SERVO-innovations on the controller, the most extreme limit of 40 packs for each moment can be accomplished, making our machine the speediest in provided VPM series. Provided machine is outfitted like standard with a bed device for the empty pallets' import, an inspection platform and bed roller conveyor for complete pallets' export. 

Technical Specifications:


Max. 40 bags / minute

Pallet Sizes

Conventional pallet measurement is 1250 x 1250 mm

Bag Sizes

2.5 - 25kg

Pallet Infeed / Outfeed

Mechanical pallet dispenser

Stacking Height

Max. 2500 mm

Formation Doors


Stacking Chamber




Stacking Patterns

Freely adjustable designs comprising final layers

Air Consumption

Least functional pressure 8 bar


Fitted with exigency complete safety fencing and stop circuit In-built screening and protection


  • Mechanically adjustable loading room and collar for various pallet sizes
  • Sensitive landing on development doors
  • Compressing electric or pneumatic collar
  • Incorporated sheet dispenser
  • Controlled for both bags and cartons with combination alternative
  • Mechanical wrapping machine
  • Bigger pallet sizes on order
  • Composite regulator
  • Director for 50kg sacks

The VPM series of palletizers offer 4 select models (VPM-7, 8, 10 and 14) offering a wide range of palletizing options including diverse product stacking capabilities to very high capacities if required. Simply determine the parameters of your system and select the machine that best fits your requirements.

Your Palletizing Solution

The capacity of the equipment ranges between 12 bags with the VPM-7 to 40 bags per minute with the VPM-14. You can also choose the High Speed option ​​stacking up to 70 bags per minute (depending on bag size). Each model can be extended with an automatic infeed of empty pallets, automatic transport of stacked pallets, or net/film wrapping machine allowing for fully automatic function. Interested in palletizing both bags and boxes using a single machine? Each machine can be equipped with our specially designed Combi-Manipulator allowing for touch screen selection between bags or box products.

Accurate Positioning

The conveyor belts automatically accumulate, transport and condition bags as they travel towards the manipulator. Centering flaps in the manipulator ensure the accurate positioning of the bags onto the pallet, and control height of drop for the placement of boxes and crates. Each layer is formed on the formation doors and placed in an interlocking pattern on the pallet. Each product layer is pressed against the formation doors using adjustable pressure creating flat product layer results. The pallet is also stacked in a four-sided enclosed stacking bin, all of which results in an exceptionally stable and accurate stack for any stackable product type, also done at very high speeds.


12 – 40 bags / minute

Bag Dimensions

270 x 350 – 460 x 770 mm or 530 x 880 mm

Stacking patterns

Freely adjustable


User friendly touchscreen interface

Energy consumption