Palletizer Machine VPM 4

Palletizer Machine VPM 4

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Smaller with great floor space bags/usages

Compact footprint, limited capacity as well as low aggregate cost of possession, these are the convincing highlights of our VPM– 4. It gives an ideal arrangement for application in tight areas where packs are loaded by hand. Our machine is ideal for every bed sizes of over 1250 x 1250 mm. Alternatively; this can be outfitted with a controller to load boxes or crates near the packs.


Optimum 10 bags in every minute

Pallet Sizes

1250 x 1250 mm is the size of each conventional pallet

Bag Sizes

25 - 50 kg (up to 380 x 520 mm - 460 x 900 mm)

Pallet In Feed / Out Feed

Hand/forklift pallet truck

Stacking Height

Optimum 2000 mm, counting pallet

In Feed Height

200 mm


Touch based display

Stacking Patterns

Directly programmable patterns, comprising end layers

Air Consumption

Least working of 8 bar


Integrated monitoring and security at the outfeed side. The standard machine is fitted with total protection fencing.


Stack neckline Core flaps (for bags minimum 25 kg) Independent working (distinctive from palletizer) Outer start new pallet Fork expansions for moving the machine or fork lift

The VPM-4 and -5 (ECO) together represent a series of entry level palletizers that are compact in layout, and simple / versatile in function providing consistent stacking results at an attractive price point. Thanks to the overlapping stacking pattern, bags are stacked automatically in an interlocked and stable arrangement. These machines require low maintenance and power consumption thanks to most efficient design, modern drive technologies and incorporation of some components found in our higher end palletizers.

Due to small sizes and variable infeed positions, the machines can be placed in almost any location with infeed of bags at floor level. The machine is fully integrated with a gripper style manipulator that receives bags from the vertical lift. Products are accurately stacked so that the full stable pallets can be easily removed from the machine. The user-friendly touchscreen interface also allows for efficient operation, and selection of product program using smart software to assist with desired product selection & stacking patterns. Continual design refinements have resulted with low maintenance intervals, reliable equipment operation & consistent stacking results.

VPM-4 compact with a small footprint
The VPM-4 is a compact machine with a small footprint that can automatically stack bags and replace manual labor with short Return on Investment potential.

VPM-5 compact and customized solution
A compact and entry level machine offering with a wide range of options, small footprint and replacement of manual labor at a great price point

VPM-5 ECO fast and simple labor replacement
The VPM-5 ECO is a standardized design without extra feature options. This machine is mainly produced in India and offers a small footprint with strong ROI potential.


10 bags / minute

Bag Dimensions

Various weights and dimensions possible

Stacking patterns

Freely adjustable


User friendly touchscreen interface

Energy consumption