Palletizer Machine VPM 5 ECO

Palletizer Machine VPM 5 ECO

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Basic and snappy replacement of bags or labor

The VPM - 5 ECO palletizer gives a brilliant arrangement, making robotized palletizing open for wider businesses. Because of the institutionalization of highlights in the mentioned model, the demanded monetary cost is lessened as well as the time demanded to recoup the venture is short. On account of the stable and tight pallet stacking, the manufacturing procedure and logistics are enabled more productive with enhanced consistency. Our machine has the natural Dutch outline and is composed in India.

Technical Specifications:


Max. 10 packs / minute

Pallet Sizes

Every ordinary bed size of over 1600 x 1200 mm. The physically adjustable stack neckline is equipped with a clearly marked scale

Bag Sizes

25 - 50 kg

Pallet Outfeed/ Infeed

Hand pallet truck and fork lift

Stacking Height

Max. 2500 mm, comprising pallet

In Feed Height

200 mm


Touch display

Stacking Designs

Freely programmable designs, containing final layers

Air Consumption

Least operating pressure 8 bar demanded suction limit 100 liters each minute

Remote Access

Module by method of LAN connection


Walk-in insurance and screening at outfeed part.
Machine standard fitted with complete protection-fencing.



The VPM-4 and -5 (ECO) together represent a series of entry level palletizers that are compact in layout, and simple / versatile in function providing consistent stacking results at an attractive price point. Thanks to the overlapping stacking pattern, bags are stacked automatically in an interlocked and stable arrangement. These machines require low maintenance and power consumption thanks to most efficient design, modern drive technologies and incorporation of some components found in our higher end palletizers.

Due to small sizes and variable infeed positions, the machines can be placed in almost any location with infeed of bags at floor level. The machine is fully integrated with a gripper style manipulator that receives bags from the vertical lift. Products are accurately stacked so that the full stable pallets can be easily removed from the machine. The user-friendly touchscreen interface also allows for efficient operation, and selection of product program using smart software to assist with desired product selection & stacking patterns. Continual design refinements have resulted with low maintenance intervals, reliable equipment operation & consistent stacking results.

VPM-4 compact with a small footprint
The VPM-4 is a compact machine with a small footprint that can automatically stack bags and replace manual labor with short Return on Investment potential.

VPM-5 compact and customized solution

A compact and entry level machine offering with a wide range of options, small footprint and replacement of manual labor at a great price point

VPM-5 ECO fast and simple labor replacement

The VPM-5 ECO is a standardized design without extra feature options. This machine is mainly produced in India and offers a small footprint with strong ROI potential.


10 bags / minute

Bag Dimensions

Various weights and dimensions possible

Stacking patterns

Freely adjustable


User friendly touchscreen interface

Energy consumption