Palletizer Machine VPM BL

Palletizer Machine VPM BL

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Incredible assortment in packaging/cartons and boxes

The VPM-BL is a minimized palletizer, working as indicated by the sliding guideline. Offered machine permits simple loading of different goods such as bins, trays, crates and more beginning from a little size. Through our VPM - BL, you possess a straightforward and intact machine available to you. In addition, the BL can effortlessly be updated with a programmed bed roller conveying framework.


Optimum 25 units per minute

Pallet Sizes

Standard reasonable for single pallet size

Box / Crate Sizes

100 x 100 x 50 mm to 600 x 400 x 250 mm

Pallet Infeed / Outfeed

Mechanical pallet dispenser

Stacking Height

Max. 2500 mm



Stacking Patterns

Freely adjustable designs comprising final layers

Air Consumption

Least functional pressure 8 bar


Fitted with exigency complete safety fencing and stop circuit In-built screening and protection


  • Mechanically adjustable loading room and collar for various pallet sizes
  • Sensitive landing on development doors
  • Compressing electric or pneumatic collar
  • Incorporated sheet dispenser
  • Controlled for both bags and cartons with combination alternative
  • Mechanical wrapping machine
  • Bigger pallet sizes on order
  • Composite regulator
  • Director for 50kg sacks

The VPM-BL is a low-level compact palletizer using sliding plates to accurately position boxes, crates, trays or bins of various sizes (even very small) on a pallet. The VPM-BL is available at a reasonable price providing reliable and efficient palletizing of box-type goods.

Boxed goods are positioned and accumulated in the infeed section by a programmable stacking pattern. A slide arm then forms the full layer on a formation plate. The layer is enclosed on four sides by a compression collar ensuring that the layer is accurately positioned on the pallet. Compression collars are used once again after the layer has been formed on the pallet, ensuring an excellent stacking result.

The VPM-BL can easily be upgraded from semi-automatic (where the pallets must be placed on the floor) to fully automatic (equipped with an empty pallet dispenser, sheet dispenser, full pallet conveyors and wrapping machine).


15 – 20 cartons/boxes per minute

Carton/box dimensions

100 x 100 x 50 – 600 x 400 x 250 mm

Stacking patterns

Freely adjustable


User friendly touchscreen interface

Energy consumption