Stand-alone Wrapper Machine

Stand-alone Wrapper Machine

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We provide high quality and highly durable VSW Wrapping Machines that provide the perfect solution to your transport packaging needs for your palletized products. These machines have the capability to wrap your products in different kinds of materials, this is done with the aim of protecting the products from any kind of external damage. In order to increase efficiency and accuracy of the wrapping it uses a turntable mechanism, further it is integrated into the palletizing line. Our  Verbruggen Stand Alone Wrapper Machine  has the capacity to wrap 30-40 pallets in an hour in a organized manner and with high accuracy.


  • The wrapping material is automatically tied off by a clipper.
  • It has a chain conveyor system for the infeed of the pallets
  • If desired, this machine can also be controlled by a remote control
  • Can bear loads upto 1500 kg


Wrapping height

Max. 2500 mm


1650 mm

Pallet size

Max. 1200 x 1200 mm

Pallet weight

Max. 1500 kg

Braking system

EMB brake or electro motor


Press plates, Top sheet